Edgbaston Cricket Museum

Museum installations

Edgbaston 01

Client: Warwickshire County Cricket Club
Agency: Mather & Co
On this project we worked as part of the Mather & Co team who delivered the entire museum from design through to final build. We met with the museum curator when construction was just getting underway and worked with him to develop a series of films and interactive installations to bring the gallery to life.

When visitors first enter the museum they can choose to watch a short, 5 minute film, giving an abbreviated history of the club in a small theatre area. Scheduling issues meant that we couldn’t interview players, past or present, for the film, so we developed a voiceover script that would work in conjunction with motion graphics to make the most of Warwickshire’s vast photographic archive.
Other installations included an audio post with soundbites from famous Warwickshire players, an interactive timeline giving instant access to the club’s various championship and cup wins, Howzat!, an interactive where visitors test their judgement against the umpires’ and several film edits about key moments in history for both the club and Edgbaston itself.
In a more hands-on area of the museum, we created a coaching interactive. We spent a session filming in the nets with the current first team coach, who, with the aid of some motion graphics, demonstrates the most fundamental batting and bowling techniques.