We were asked to design and deliver a fun Augmented Reality installation for LEGOLAND Japan. Guests in the Imagination Zone enjoy a tea-cup style ride surrounded by LEGO minifigures and our brief was to bring the LEGO figures and characters to life, using Augmented Reality.Figment created a series of animated scenes, using LEGO Minifigures and CREATOR sets, including the Stunt Plane, The Alien Space Ship and The Wizard…as well as animating 4 new bespoke characters developed especially for this attraction.

Guests can view the ride looking through a magic window – a tv screen running a real-time video of the guest’s point of view. Whilst the ride is moving we playback the animated scenes on top of the live video, so guests can watch the fun characters interacting with the physical ride. The LEGO stunt plane does acrobatics around the central ride feature, whilst the LEGO Alien Space ship releases fun bubbles over the ride, before bumping into one of the AR windows and flying off back into space.

Guests can join in the fun by entering the scenes with the Augmented Lego characters…and have their pictures taken with their favourite character!